Rationalising the irrational: Love as a commodity

Since childhood, we have been told that "love is blind" or that "love makes you blind". You like someone without reason and there is always some kind of spiritual madness involved in the process of love. All these adjectives associated with love might be true but its quite rare to feel them nowadays. Personally, I believe that love nowadays is not blind anymore. Instead, it has big, round eyes and it sees everyone and everything and select its partner after looking at all the features of the partner. Also, it isn't mad anymore and it plans everything in a really rational way. Love, that used to be irrational at one point of time, has become a rational phenomenon and we rationalized it to the extent that it become a commodity.

I call it commodity because most often we fall in love with people not because of love but because of our needs. Now humans have two different needs-physical and spiritual. Those who want to satisfy their physical needs appreciate those with good physical features and those who want to heal their spiritual injuries look for someone who have deep soul. In such a process of finding someone, it happens most often that we rationalize love and start looking for someone who satisfies one of these needs. It is due to this rationalization of love that I said earlier that love nowadays has really big eyes.

Now, love, that used to be irrational, becomes rational and it selects, plans and strategize its goals. The problem with this kind of planning is that we forget the dependency factor. The moment we approach someone with this kind of intention or planning, we become victim of dependency. We think that we are in love but basically we are just trying to satisfy one need of our body or soul and we get dependent on someone else. This kind of connection might be anything but love. Also, instead of healing ourselves on our own, we try to fill this broken lacuna with the help of someone else. In such kind of an interaction, we always stay dependent on others.

In short, I think love does not work with planning. It just happens like an event or tragedy. Also, we need to understand love before falling in love with someone. I have seen many people talking about their partners but rarely they talk about love. I think we need to talk about love again and try to understand it as an irrational phenomenon and avoid including planning and strategies in the process of love.